Backwards Christianity

Christianity that defends the wicked Proverbs 17:15

by Kenny N Jobst

3/12/20231 min read

In today's society if you stand on the truth of God's Word, you will be labeled a bigot, intolerant, and a hater. We as believer's should understand that this is how society has labeled us, so as to speak the truth of God's Word in a loving manner. We shouldn't come across as condemning or condescending, but as someone who was once lost, but is now found! The problem with today's church is that we are accepting sinful behavior rather than speaking against it, and standing with the world instead of standing with God! Most church's now cater to the world's influences and being politically correct. But Jesus(Yeshua) warned to stand with Him would make you enemies of the world. Does your personal relationship with Christ, and your behavior, put you at odds with the world? How about your church? Those who truly follow Christ will quickly become the world's enemies! I personally believe you can measure someone's spiritual maturity on either their friendship with the world, or their persecution. Let us be certain we as believer's, and our Churches, are set apart and Holy, and never compromise God's Holy Word!! Have a most blessed and Holy Spirit filled day!